Why is SERP tracking important? 

SERP tracking has become an important part of today’s online marketing business. Google SERP API tends to affect ranking. To have a proper SEO marketing strategy, you need to have proper SERP tracking. SERP regularly keeps changing, and Google provides information accordingly. It is necessary to keep track of Google SERP API to make changes in your online marketing strategy accordingly. 

Not all SERPs are equal

SERPs are continuously updated to boost the marketing strategy and eventually help in ranking. Google has constantly been improving user experience ever since 2004 with their SERP. It brings about data point to find out the results accordingly. 

Post-2005, Google brought in the Personalized Search option, which helps in keeping the users logged in. This was further improved in 2009. Therefore, the results have been significantly varying ever since. You should keep a check with Google SERP API of your website to check how the users have seen your results. You can check for the rank tracking tools and reports. 

Based on your data points, Google will create personalized search results accordingly. The personalized result will be improved based on

  • Device
  • Location
  • SERP Behaviour
  • Past search history

There is tracking software which helps you determine the search results. You can also get a view of special content results blocks. You should also keep a check for the queries. It is better to keep a check with personalized search, which helps with local perception. Recently, Google has also introduced “People also search for,” as a part of SERPs apart from Knowledge Panels. Accordingly, in the SERP option, you may get more than 85 SCRBs. 

Benefits of SERP tracking

Google SERP API is extremely important in the SEO strategy. SEO can help to boost up your business and make you more visible. You need to keep a check with tracking to ensure how your SEO has been performing. Some of the other benefits of SERP tracking include the following


  • Return of Investments 


One of the primary benefits of SERP tracking is that you get to track your ROI better than before. Once you have a good SEO strategy, the chances of your brand getting noticed will increase. However, SEO strategy won’t be cheap, but tracking will help you understand how much amount you will get in return of the amount you invest. 


  • Better decision making


Once you have an idea about how your website has been performing, you will be able to make better decisions. Not only does it allow you to make swift decisions but also speeds up the process. If you notice any problems with your website with Google SERP API, you will be able to bring about changes in your website accordingly. 


  • Reach to the target audience


Keeping a track with your SEO strategy will help you to reach out to your target audience. Moreover, it will also help you to understand your audience better. The tracking helps in understanding the audience and whether or not you are targeting the right audience or not. 

Google SERP API has become an important part of today’s SEO strategy. Ranking can eventually be improved over time if you keep track of your website performance. 


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