The activities initiated on the dark web can be intimidating, to say the least. The online platform is notorious for the illegal content which it promotes. It has all the wrong things, ranging from pirated music and films, drugs, deep web porn to sites where credit card details can be bought and sold.

It is advised to stay away from the deep web as it attracts the attention of various scammers all around the world. The unsolicited content is not only illegal but also not morally incorrect to access. Of the many reasons to not access the web, some of them are:

  • Exit Scams

When you buy something on the dark web, chances are that the seller will take away your money without sending you any product. This is generally because everything sent on the dark web is often illegal such as guns, drugs. so after the payment, the buyer cannot compensate for his transaction and is left barehanded.

  • Immoral Content

The dark web has access to all things wrong. It shows live assassinations and murders. Footages of rape and deep web porn. It also shows illegal child pornography, something we should stay away from.

  • Hoaxes on the Dark web

There is a lot of chance of a hoax on the dark web. This is because it runs on no rules or regulations that might control it. This makes it a very risky place to be in and it has the added fear of money-grabbing hoaxes. You might put your money into something that you get no return from. Some people pay to see assassinations and murder in the red room, and there is a big chance that it is all a hoax and is a scam to collect all your money in return for nothing.

  • Terrorism

Terrorist groups have been on the dark web to coordinate their actions and formulate and execute their plans. They are also given explicit instructions into using the dark web and how can it be used to make and execute their plans. Many large terrorist groups are on the dark web.

  • Phishing scams

On the dark web, it is easier to fall prey to a phishing scam due to the non-existent rules and regulations. Also, there is no authority that they are answerable to which makes it very risky and prone to scam.

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