The Smartest Solutions to the Website Templates for You

It’s as simple as going to the Template pages, choosing the template for external design site (in our case) or the type that best fits your needs , buy it and download it and go to the WordPress desktop and click on the option “Appearance”, “Themes” and “Add new” menu. From this option you can directly upload and install the theme or template you want to your WordPress and you will have your website ready. The process gets really awesome when you get on with the free website templates.

The Modifications

Subsequently, you will have to modify texts, colors, options and images, but the structure and design will be practically done.

Minimal cost or free of templates

They have a fairly low price for the work they save and even in some cases can be free depending on the provider and the type of subject, although in the latter case, it is more normal to find pages the same as the You, but you can always perform the tests and facilities you want to test and compare different options and see how the web is.

On the other hand, WordPress Premium themes tend to offer greater personalization and functionality, so it will be more difficult to find a website exactly like the one you think, although you will have to be very clear about the type of template you want to download, because if you do not Like or not work well with some plugins that implement you have spent the money in vain and it will be difficult to return your investment.


The themes and templates, especially in WordPress and Magento, have a great support that can be very helpful thanks to its community of developers and official forums where you can consult any questions. Generally, vendors such as Template Monster also offer their own support so that your installation and development process is very easy.


The WordPress themes as well as for the other platforms of themes, especially if they are premium, accept all kinds of free and paid plugins to configure and improve options and aspects of web performance.

Our advice is that if you are a blogger, use a free WordPress theme, since a blog does not usually require a configuration and plugins that tend to fail, since they tend to be more basic designs and designs that are designed for this purpose.

On the other hand, if you decide to create a corporate website from which to promote your products and services and even sell them directly, our advice is to use payment templates (WordPress, Magento, Prestashop or Joomla) or plugins (Woocommerce) for that purpose, since they usually offer greater options for customization and scalability, in addition to a more advanced configuration.

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