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The landing pages, think about creating a custom thank you page (no need to index it in search engines). This will allow your users to be sure to have completed your form (next step), to be redirected to certain strategic pages and also to facilitate tracking via Google Analytics. Incidentally, it also allows thanking your prospect. And just for that, it’s worth it.

Create custom forms tailored to your needs

The form is the tool that will allow creating the contact in your visitor and you. It is also the stage from which a user passes from user of your site to prospect. As you can see, this is something you need to be particularly attentive to. And yet, for some strange reason, all forms look alike. Too bad because WordPress offers a plethora of possibilities in this area. At this point, however, we will advise you only one plugin. Gravity Forms. It is the most complete form module on the market. And in its premium version, it also takes into account a large number of connections with third-party tools such as your CRM or your emailing software. Imagine a world where all your contacts integrate all of your tools effortlessly. With the Genesis Framework discount you can have the best frameworks for the best marketing of the company.

Hire your prospects

Third step in the journey of inbound marketing, it is now so much to set up a strategy of engagement with your prospects. At this stage, CRM and automation are in the spotlight. And WordPress of course!

Work on your customer relationship with a CRM

CRM is often the forgotten strategy of inbound marketing. Yet it is the pillar that will carry the entire commercial strategy. If you are not yet equipped, it’s time to take a little time to get started. The CRM offer on the market and quite consistent and generally of good quality. There are 3 important criteria to validate your choice of CRM:

  • The ergonomics of the tool for quick and efficient handling
  • The match between the CRM and your business rules for a tailor-made job
  • The price

Other tools with which the CRM can connect

If it’s right for you, we recommend using Hubspot CRM. It is free, very intuitive and connects with most of the web marketing tools as well as WordPress, thanks in particular to the Zippier application. The use of the Genesis Framework code comes perfect here.

Marketing automation and lead nurturing with WordPress

Marketing automation and lead nurturing are booming and more and more talk about them. Especially in BtoB business strategies like inbound marketing. But between theory and practice, there is often an important course to go through. That’s why we propose to make simple to put in place your strategy. Go through recognized tools and take the time to set up your accounts correctly. Our recommendations? Send in Blue or Mail jet. These two tools are complete, manage all the chain of emailing (acquisition, loyalty, transactional and automation) and connect perfectly to WordPress and Gravity Form as well as many CRM.


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