How to Pick the Right Printer Paper for your Project

In terms of making an excellent printed piece, paper choice is a significant decision to make. The paper you choose will have as much impact on the final product as the design and ink. This is because it impacts how, where, and when the printed piece can be used. Also, it can impact the price at higher quantities.

Aside from considering what the piece will look, you need to consider what you will use the final piece for, who will handle it, or if it will be mailed. Also, take into account if the paper is exposed to extreme temperatures, chemicals, or water. If you are in the market to find great 123ink printer paper deals, keep reading to know how to pick the right printer paper for the job:

Consider the Paper Material

Paper is not only made from wood. Some paper is made from synthetic fibres, cloth, and even plastics. They are made for specialised purposes. In case you are concerned about your impact on the environment, you will want to opt for specialty green papers that are sourced from sustainable forests and tend to biodegrade faster.

Pick Affordable Paper

The price of any printed piece is affected by the paper used. A more expensive paper can add a bit to the printing project’s cost, especially if you are looking to order bigger quantities. That is why you need to pick the kind of paper that works for your budget. Thus, focus on function first when deciding on the printer paper. You will want a paper that holds up and saves you money on the mailing or shipping cost.

Choose a Paper Stock

In terms of paper stock, you will have to choose between coated and uncoated. You can choose from a variety of coating finishes and specialised uncoated papers; however, paper falls into one of these categories.

Uncoated paper is absorbent and has a non-glare surface. Its natural fibres are not covered and it easily soaks up ink. This kind of paper is the easiest to write on. In general, it is used for things such as newsletters, stationery, standard envelopes, and inexpensive flyers.

Meanwhile, coated paper is covered with a hardened clay material to better display text and images with sharper detail and denser colour. Its coating can be non-shiny matte, gloss, or cast coated. Coated paper tends to be harder to write on, especially with ballpoint pens or pencils. It is great for catalogs, brochures, postcards, and packaging.

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