How Does VPS Hosting Improve Website Page Speed?

Webpage speed is a critical ranking factor according to Google. Search engines like those websites which load faster and rank them higher than others. When your website loads quickly, your visitors get the information they are looking for and stay on the relevant page for some time. When search engines note that visitors are spending more time on a particular page/ website as compared to others, they rank the former higher. These websites appear on the first page of rankings. So if you are running a website and want lots of customers, your number one priority should be quick webpage loading time.

How does VPS hosting impact website page speed?

In VPS hosting, your website is put in a virtual server located within a physical server. There are other virtual servers as well within that physical server but none of them interfere with each other. Each virtual server is a standalone entity and has its own operating system and other resources. A VPS comes with a dedicated bandwidth, RAM and CPU allocation. All these resources are just meant for your website and nobody else can use them.

When a user enters your domain name in the browser and hits ‘Enter’, he/she is executing thousands of commands and requests at the same time. Several files and databases are accessed, several database queries are executed and hundreds of lines of code are run in a very short instant. All these commands and queries are executed on your web server. If your server is shared by others then the response time will increase and your website will load slowly. A VPS hosting takes care of all these issues and makes your site load faster.

Is VPS hosting better than shared hosting?

The answer is yes.

In a study conducted on websites using shared and VPS hosting, it was found out that the latter loaded faster. All these websites were based on popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla and Magento. If your site currently is hosted on shared hosting, it is time to switch over to a VPS environment.

Linux VPS Hosting

Linux is an open source platform and is quite popular among developers and website owners alike. If you are looking out for a VPS hosting solution that gives you more flexibility, then you should have a look at Linux VPS Hosting .

  1. Take complete control of your website.
  2. Deploy just one virtual server and host several websites handle numerous customers.
  3. Linux VPS servers give 99.99 % uptime by deploying RAID disk arrays, battery and generator back -ups, and dual power supplies.

If your website speed does not improve even after changing your hosting plan, then try these options:

  • Optimize images
  • Minify CSS and JS files. If you are a WordPress user, then you can simply install the WP Minify files.
  • Install CSS at the top and JavaScript at the bottom of your web page to improve your website speed.
  • Use GZIP compression and deflation to right size your images and videos without compromising on their quality. Ask your VPS hosting provider whether he has this tool?
  • Reduce 301 redirect requests to improve your speed.


VPS hosting improves your webpage loading speed because your virtual server has dedicated resources. If you are using a shared hosting plan, it is time to switch over to a VPS hosting plan.

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