Google And Link Building Now: Your Choices


Google will give more credit to a link from a site with a theme identical or related to yours, because its expertise in the field will be assumed to be higher than sites that have nothing to do with your business. To promote your New Parents Advice site, consider links from toy sales sites rather than a partnership with a real estate agency. As you buy links you can have the smartest details now.

Also take into account the theme of the page from which you get the link

Imagine that this real estate agency that we have just mentioned just published a page addressed to young parents who move with their children. The page in question contains vocabulary similar to the one used on your site: children, parents, family etc. In this case, a link from the page that addresses this specific topic finally becomes relevant. All the subtlety is there.

To summarize we can say that if the site does not have a direct relationship with your activity, you must go your way, unless you find one or more pages closely related to your activity, and therefore keywords (” child “,” parents “) in common. In this case, your link must of course be located on the page that addresses this theme related to yours.

The theme: a notion to be taken broadly

The theme is a broad concept. What matters is that the pages you are exchanging have keywords in common. For example, if your site is talking about video, you might as well chat with a web TV hosting site as with a DVD seller or a freelance videographer.

Rank page: an important criterion despite regular devaluation

As at school, Google gives a rating of 10 to all the pages it indexes on the web. This note, called Page Rank (PR), allows to assess the reputation of each page of your site. Typically, high-page Rank pages are those that receive links from many pages that themselves have a good Rank page.

At the level of the scale, we can consider that a good Rank page is between 3 and 5. The Rank 6 and 7 pages mainly concern the home pages of sites with a strong reputation (national companies, major institutional sites). The pages Rank 8, 9 and 10 are extremely rare.

The number of outgoing links: a decisive criterion

Again, we can make a very simple parallel with real life. Imagine that you are looking for a good restaurant. You come across a book presenting a selection of 200 nice restaurants in Lyon, and another that focuses on the 5 favorite restaurants of the same city.

You would be a restaurateur, with an equal publication of these two books, would you prefer to be drowned among the 200 proposals, or to be included in the selection reduced to 5 good bistros? The answer is so self-explanatory that it seems pointless to explain further that Google will give little importance to a link if it is drowned in many others on the same page.


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