ADC and Supports for Elo boosting in 9.12

Bottom lane – the whole new world

Yuumi is here! And this greatly changes the whole situation at the bottom line, especially considering all other buffs of enchanters. If Riot Games continue this vector, then the Enchanters will be the strongest and will dominate in the SoloQ meta. Rakan already was boosted to the skies, his popularity and strength were increased dramatically. So if you want to climb in a pair with somebody, then I highly recommend these 2 combos of champions. They are smiting all enemies they see and wave clearing speed is incredible so you could push the lane and then fast go to the other lane and help to annihilate other enemies. Mid laners and Junglers will appreciate this, so

League of Legends

ADCs are still balanced pretty well, but the Sivir and Xaya is still an incredibly strong duo. While the Racan found another girl – Sivir and now this pair is dominating. And do not forget about Yuumi, many boosters love to master new champions (the stat was taken by the results of! Players still do not know what to expect from this champion and his abilities.

Supports – utility for winners

As you know Nautilus received a small nerf, so all other utility champions now feeling a bit easier against him. This matchup will no longer be a nightmare for everyone during Nautilus early game stage. He still could block you with his Staggering Blow but you will not be one-shotted by this monster. So all the supports of the league world now may breathe with a full chest. It feels so good to be save during the laning stage!

The new Top tier champions now are incredibly strong, so I highly recommend you to learn at least a few of them. Learn S-tier champions and your life as a support will be much more interesting and your impact will be incredible. The current League meta changed. Now easier champions are much more useful than the mechanical colleagues, so you no longer need to spend a lot of time in practice mode to master a champions before starting your way to the High Elo divisions in League of Legends.

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