6 Benefits of Network Monitoring Software for Your Business

As IT infrastructures increasingly grow in complexity, investing in a network monitoring software also becomes necessary for your business. Disruption in the system means costs across many facets – staff time, productivity and customer satisfaction. You probably don’t want that so it is of paramount importance to keep your network secure and in good working condition.

To help you better understand network management systems, here are the benefits that they can provide for your business.

6 Benefits of Using a Network Monitoring System

  1. Prevents Outages

Network outages can be a cause of many things. Whether it be by configuration errors, human or environmental factors, the downtime can significantly put a dent in your company’s finances. For instance, the failure in British Airway systems burdened thousands of passengers and made the airline shell out $68 million dollars for reimbursement.

Implementing network management software allows you to stay ahead of these problems and detect potential issues whenever they arise. A live network performance data paves the way for easy monitoring and identification of outages that might have jammed the systems.  If you hired a network operations center, expect them to present you with an easy-to-read presentation of the recorded disruption along with a management plan to offer solutions.

  1. Fixes Problems Immediately

In the corporate world, saving time means saving money. Having a professional network monitoring for your business means that the root of the issue can quickly be tracked and addressed. This fast solution helps you reduce the downtime of computer networks and consequently, cut on the costs. There are also network automation tools that allow you to troubleshoot automatically without human assistance.

  1. Manages Network Growth

The ever-dynamic technological innovations continue to dominate the IT community. In fact, Gartner says the number of things connected to the Internet is predicted to rise up to 10.4 billion by 2020. Among those, 3.1 billion will be for business purposes.

The expansion of these internet-enabled devices, software, and equipment means that networks for many companies will also grow in complexity. For instance, cloud migrations require the use of reliable monitoring tools to provide surveillance on your IP assets. This will help you ensure a smooth network upgrade.

  1. Strengthens Data Protection

Every year, hundreds of data breach cases occur on businesses in the United States alone. This is why it is necessary for companies to take precautionary steps to secure their data against threats. Acquiring a network monitoring service will walk you through the IT infrastructure of the entire SMB, making sure nothing is overlooked. You are also given network monitoring tools that can be able to spot fluctuations and suspicious conditions that may be caused by viruses and hacking attempts. Abnormal fluctuations in traffic levels or a network connection to an unrecognized device already indicate risks in business-critical data.

  1. Maintains Compliance with Guidelines and SLAs

Apart from first-level security, network monitoring also helps maintain compliance with the regulatory requirements. Your business is aided with key features that analyze the network. Staying updated does not seem far-fetched with live network topology map, post association for VLANS and protected channels.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about meeting customers and service level agreements (SLAs). Network monitoring services can provide support when it comes to compliance, availability, and use of assets. Having the tools needed to fulfill SLA requirements consequently puts your company in a good position.

  1. Helps You Gain Immediate ROI

Oftentimes, IT teams fail to complete loads of work and complex projects due to a lack of time and budget. But if you use an effective network monitoring system, hiring additional manpower is no longer necessary. The staff can then focus on more critical projects. In effect, your company can save time and ultimately, reap immediate rewards in terms of return on investment.

Monitoring your networks is very crucial especially with the perpetration of cyberattacks and threats. As a business owner, you might find it risky to trawl through network monitoring systems, especially if you are not sure exactly what you are searching for. As a rule of thumb, a network service provider that can guarantee these benefits already makes a good choice.

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